Asylum Seekers Protest in Jerusalem

Hundreds of African Asylum seekers, mostly Eritreans and Sudanese protest outside Israel's Supreme Court in Jerusalem, on January 26, 2017, during a demonstration against Israeli government's proposed deportation policy. Israel's Interior Ministry plans to force asylum seekers to choose one of three options: imprisonment in Israel for an unlimited time, returning to their home country, or leaving Israel for one of the "third countries" (such as Uganda or Rwanda) knowing full well that they will have no legal status on their arrival and will be forced to leave, at great risk to their lives.

Recent Publication - The Washington Post

Following the UN Security Council Resolution to declare Israeli settlements illegal and a speech by the US Secretary of State, John Kerry in which he defended the Obama administration's decision to allow the resolution, Photo Editor Nick Kirkpatrick of The Washington Post commissioned me to photograph a story about Israel's West Bank Jewish Settlements.

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Recent Publication - Institutional Investor Magazine

Tearsheets from a story I photographed for November's issue of Institutional Investor Magazine about Israel's Homeland security i-HLSUnmanned Systems Air Show (AUS&R 2016). Creative Director Ed Johnson.

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