I have to say I was disappointed to see Bridalveil Fall dry (along with most waterfalls in Yosemite National Park. To keep things in proportion - California is suffering from a four year drought and wildfires are raging in this wonderful state for quite some time now, affecting thousands of people, some losing their lives or homes to the fires.

At least one cute duck showed up to brighten up the scene...

The 'Trouble' with Utah

Forget ‘Beehive State’ ‘Life Elevated’ or even ‘The Greatest Snow on Earth’ – I think Utah should change its slogan/nickname to ‘So Much to See, So Little Time’

I think most people hope to revisit a place they once traveled to. That’s assuming their overall experience was good. The ‘trouble’ with Utah is that there is no other option really but revisit this state. For me, it’s just one of those few places I really wish to explore again one day.

What’s the trouble then, you ask?

That I’ll probably feel just the same next time I get to travel there, that is if I’m even lucky enough to ever come back.

So here’s a selection of photos from our Utah trip last month. Hope you’ll enjoy.