Recent Publication - Quanta Magazine

I had a very interesting time meeting and photographing Gil Kalai, a mathematician at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, for an article in Quanta Magazine titled: "The Argument Against Quantum Computers" by Katia Moskvitch, which is part of a series on quantum computing.

Quanta Magazine is an editorially independent online publication launched by the Simons Foundation to enhance public understanding of science.

Art Director: Olena Shmahalo

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Recent Publication - The Wall Street Journal

Had a lot of fun photographing the inventors of SportVU, a system which tracks the positional location of players and the ball during the game and enables detailed player and team analysis which can be used to support development and decision-making at all levels of sports organizations for The Wall Street Journal.

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Photo editor Timmy Huynh


Recent Publication - Institutional Investor Magazine

Tearsheets from a story I photographed for November's issue of Institutional Investor Magazine about Israel's Homeland security i-HLSUnmanned Systems Air Show (AUS&R 2016). Creative Director Ed Johnson.

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You can read the story by Jonathan Kandell here

Recent Publication - The Washington Post

A screenshot of a story about Israel cybersecurity and Israel as a cyber superpower by Ellen Nakashima, William Booth, and Ruth Eglash, that I photographed for The Washington Post. Photo Editor: Nick Kirkpatrick.

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