Latrun Monastery Winery for KNA Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur

Selected photos from a story about the Latrun Trappist Monastery Winery, commissioned for KNA, Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur, the largest Catholic news agency in Europe.

In 1890 a group of monks arrived in Israel from France, founded the Trappist monastery in Latrun and started producing wine as a source of income. The monastery has around 100 acres of vineyards with over 20 vine varieties. The winery itself is a maze of chambers, halls, cloisters and tunnels that are closed to the public. The Trappists are Cistercian monks, belonging to the great monastic family of St. Benedict, the monks keep a vow of silence, except for those who sell wine and olive oil to visitors.

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Recent Publication - U.S. News & World Report

Back in March, I photographed a story for U.S. News and World Report by Sara Toth Stub about Jordanian workers crossing the border each day to work in hotels around Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city.

A program between Israel and Jordan aims to fill the town’s labor shortage by allowing Jordanians into Eilat. However, Israeli government regulations limit them to cleaning jobs, forbids overnight stays and restricts access to only their places of employment.

Photo Editor: Avi Gupta

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Western Wall Cleanup

A worker removes notes containing prayers, messages, and photos which were left by visitors, from the cracks between the stones of the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest prayer site, in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel, on September 17, 2017, ahead of the upcoming Jewish New Year Holiday.

Shot for KNA Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur


Recent Publication - The Washington Post Outlook Special Issue

June 5th, 2017, marked the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War. Half a century has passed since Israel gained control of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Ahead of that date, I was commissioned to photograph a story by Dan Ephron for a special issue of The Washington Post Outlook Section.

Photo Editor: Chloe Coleman

Layout Design: Danielle Rindler

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Asylum Seekers Protest in Jerusalem

Hundreds of African Asylum seekers, mostly Eritreans and Sudanese protest outside Israel's Supreme Court in Jerusalem, on January 26, 2017, during a demonstration against Israeli government's proposed deportation policy. Israel's Interior Ministry plans to force asylum seekers to choose one of three options: imprisonment in Israel for an unlimited time, returning to their home country, or leaving Israel for one of the "third countries" (such as Uganda or Rwanda) knowing full well that they will have no legal status on their arrival and will be forced to leave, at great risk to their lives.

Recent Publication - The Washington Post

I'm proud to have my photo on the front page of The Washington Post for the second time this month. Story by William Booth. Photo Editor: Nick Kirkpatrick

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Recent Publication - The Washington Post

Following the UN Security Council Resolution to declare Israeli settlements illegal and a speech by the US Secretary of State, John Kerry in which he defended the Obama administration's decision to allow the resolution, Photo Editor Nick Kirkpatrick of The Washington Post commissioned me to photograph a story about Israel's West Bank Jewish Settlements. Photo Editor: Nick Kirkpatrick

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Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (partially seen in the center of the first photo) attends a ceremony marking Israel's first Aliyah Day, a new national holiday celebrating immigration at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, on November 8, 2016. Literally “ascension,” Aliyah is a Hebrew term used to refer to Jewish immigration to Israel. In June Israel's parliament, the Knesset, passed the National Aliyah Day into law, instituting the holiday on the seventh day of the Hebrew month of Heshvan, coinciding with the reading of the Torah portion in which Abraham is told to leave his home to go to the promised land.