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Recent Publication - The Washington Post

Photos for a story about daily life around the Damascus Gate, which has been the focal point for many shooting and stabbing attacks committed by Palestinian assailants against Israelis in the past several months.

Please take a few minutes to read the full story by William Booth, Ruth Eglash and head over to my new commissions section to view more photos, including some which did not make it into the story. 

During the making of this story, The Washington Post Jerusalem bureau chief, William Booth and reporter Sufian Taha were briefly detained by Israeli Police. More about this unfortunate incident here




Tel Aviv Neighborhoods Guide for Airbnb: Part 2

The second part of my selections from the Tel Aviv neighborhood guide I shot for Airbnb includes the following neighborhoods: Tzafon Yashan (The Old North), Merkaz Hair (City Center), Lev Hair, and Montefiore. Photo Editor: Samantha Cooper

See each neighborhood guide online: Tzafon YashanMerkaz Hair, Lev Hair, Montefiore

More photos from the other neighborhoods here